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Month August 2015

Episode 46: New Hires and Onboarding Procedures

Quick Announcement: The doors are officially open for Zero to Scale Insiders for 1 more week. Go here to join: zerotoscale.com/join It’s a community of likeminded people that are trying to scale their businesses. We meet daily in a private slack… Continue Reading →

Episode 45: How To Find and Format A Mastermind Group

In this episode Greg and Justin are talking about how to find and format a Mastermind group. Justin was just recruited this year but he never saw any value in it until he was approached by Brian Casel. Justin listens to… Continue Reading →

Episode 44: Greg and Justin Get Put on Blast and the Doors are Open

Announcements: We start this episode with a recap of some background on our companies. This was sparked by our first 2-star review in iTunes which had this to say: Though the podcast was meant to be viewed as a story… Continue Reading →

Episode 43: How We Launched Our Paid Membership Community

In this episode of Zero To Scale Greg and Justin go in depth on the thought process, and launch process for their new membership community.  This was not a step that was taken lightly and a lot of thought and… Continue Reading →

Episode 42: Big Wheels Keep on Turnin’

Greg’s Update: Fails: Didn’t Finish indoctrination campaign for MME but almost done been working way too late I didn’t Organize my calendar/week as much as I’d like to so I still have work there. Mon / Friday is working ON… Continue Reading →

Episode 41: Is Public Transparency For Your Business A Good Idea

Today we tackle a question from our Zero to Scale insiders group. The question is, how has being open and honest affected your business?  We will discuss the different ways of being transparent and the pros and cons of doing… Continue Reading →

Episode 40: The Stress of Long Hours and the Scoop on Insiders

Greg’s Update Fails: Didn’t Finish indoctrination campaign for MME been working way too late Results:   MME $3488 New Biz: $2793 (7/10 – 7/23)  ($6281 combined) Hired my second team member. Part time. Had our kickoff team call Got her… Continue Reading →

Episode 39: When to Hire your First Employee?

How do you know when to do that? For Justin, he believes that as a founder “you ought to be able to sell your product better than anyone else”. At the beginning he hired people to do the work so… Continue Reading →

Episode 38: Launching a Product and Coming Back from Vacation

Greg Update Fails: I’m not as 100% sure on my hiring decision as I’d like to be Results:   MME $3488 New Biz: $2294 (7/10 – 7/23)  ($5782 combined) Vacation Re-energized with family. Nyle handled MME tasks which was awesome… Continue Reading →

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