Today we tackle a question from our Zero to Scale insiders group. The question is, how has being open and honest affected your business?  We will discuss the different ways of being transparent and the pros and cons of doing so.

There are people who have influenced us in our decision to be transparent.  Pat Flynn was one of the first entrepreneurs to be really transparent about his finances on his podcasts.  Others who have had various levels of transparency about their business include John Lee Dumas and Chris Ducker.  The point is that you can find your own ways to be transparent.  Our model of transparency is a hybrid.

We also discuss the pros and cons of transparency as it relate to our Zero to Scale podcast and our goal of reaching 20K a month.


Building trust with the audience

Receiving rewarding feedback

Accountability and motivation

Lends authority status

Allows people to feel invested in the journey


Failures are out in the open

Prospects may feel deterred from moving forward

Need to be prepared for people to ask more direct questions

Hackers and trolls may make note as revenues increase

Providing a road map for the competition

People may think what you’ve accomplished is out of reach

You might not always have all the answers which could harm the authority factor

Being transparent can be uncomfortable, but that’s when you’re going to grow the most.  Pick and chose what you feel comfortable sharing.  We have not regretted our transparency and encourage you to find the level that helps you to grow.  Leaders find comfort in uncomfortable situations.

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