Greg’s Update


  • Didn’t Finish indoctrination campaign for MME
  • been working way too late


  • MME $3488 New Biz: $2793 (7/10 – 7/23)  ($6281 combined)
  • Hired my second team member. Part time.
    • Had our kickoff team call
    • Got her involved in Slack, Teamwork, had her join a launch call
    • Started the process to getting her onboard
      • Taking notes on what we’re doing to get her onboarded as well for an employee onboarding SOP
    • Train and identify how we’ll start working together
  • 2 Sales Calls
  • 4 Launch Calls for new business
  • 1 Strategy Session
  • 3 Partnership/Networking calls
  • 2 Mentor Calls
  • 1 Podcast interview – Chris Ducker’s show
  • 1 MME Strategy Launch Call
  • Our Productized Mastermind implemented a goals channel in slack and I think that is going to help me a lot moving forward.
  • Researching alternative to TW
    • Workboard
    • Podio
    • Going back to Trello with FuseDesk


  • Simple landing page up for the business
    • Free consult campaign setup to deal with incoming leads
  • Document onboarding process and review with team
    • Develop an onboarding questionnaire to make our “launch calls” 30 mins instead of an hour
    • Develop checklist for “launch call”
    • Goal: have Lisa take these launch calls over
  • Spend 1-2 hours per day on Implementation cuz we have a backlog of tasks
  • Only going to schedule sales calls that come to me (not doing any outbound for 1-2 weeks until we get some of these procedures in place and underway
  • Organize my calendar and week to be setup for implementation, planning and strategy.
    • Mon / Friday is working ON the business
    • Tue-Thur = calls etc.
    • But give 2 hours a day to implementation right now
  • Finish indoctrination campaign for MME

Backlog Plans:

  • Affiliate opportunities
  • Mini Mobit course
  • Mini Mobile Primer
    • All need to take no more than 5-10 days to complete

Justin’s Update


  • I wasn’t able to finish putting together a complete onboarding sequence.
    • I did get feedback from a user on how to make the intro email better for mobile viewing for the animated gif demo I put together
    • I had a demo call with about their onboarding flow and I think I’m going to be using that.
    • Ultimately decided to wait to finalize this though until we roll out some tweaks to our UI. The call with Appcues the guy was just like – what is the ONE thing you want them to do? The main CTA on the dashboard takes the user to a LinkedIn search, but we want them to use the extension. So from that we actually built a primary CTA that replicates the functionality of the extension and it sits in the dashboard so now I can build an onboarding flow for that in particular.
  • My VA had been making notes of how I handled support questions, but I was hoping to get everything into templates inside Intercom. I haven’t yet had a chance to do that and I mentioned last week I wanted to do that this week.
  • We sort of broke the software on Wednesday and it took Dominic all day (14+ hours to sort through it all). I was fielding support issues left and right – a very long day indeed.
    • Easy to feel defeated in moments like these, but luckily we got things sorted out and are now back to adding some cool features.
  • I have over 35 emails sitting in my inbox that I need to do something with. It has been a very long week and I have just had to get to what I could. Everything that is urgent has been handled, but the feeling of that many emails in addition to all the tasks I’m behind on, really just add a ton of stress.
    • 12 hour days most of this week and to still be buried is very a tough feeling.


  • Still at 24.5k with $500 MRR for the software
    • Added a couple new customers this week. One was word of mouth from a sales call that I told the guy we couldn’t help him. I think he appreciated the honesty and shared it with someone who he felt we could.
  • Had 12 sales calls this week on top of everything else. I really need to get a couple sales people involved so I can offload that responsibility and start to think about scaling things.
  • Had a semi-competitor email me saying he loved the tool and that we’re just gonna crush it so he wants to come sell for us on a commission basis.
    • Obviously some conflicts of interests here, so will need to look into things a little further, but definitely has me realizing this thing could be taking off here soon.
    • Have a pretty good commission schedule planned – having our sales coach review that to get his thoughts.
  • I did get the monthly report written and that will be posted this next week. I also have a guest blog for ready to go that I’ll be submitting later today.
  • VentureBeat article went live and that really helped build some credibility. I think we had more tweets for it then visitors to the site directly from VB, but word is spreading which is great.
  • Dominic built me this cool “log in as” feature into the software so I can go right into a user’s dashboard and see what they are experiencing. This has been soooo incredibly insightful to see where challenges are and to see how the tool is getting used.
  • Last night went a meetup called Sales Hack Night here in Phoenix which is always a fun time. Some sharp people who know how to growth hack. LeadFuze got some love there as well with the topic of the night being building a sales stack for less than $100.
  • Found out a previous customer who signed up and then requested a refund after getting leads and our email sequence tried to build a competitor. One of his customers called me telling me about them and I had never heard of them so I checked it out and did some digging to see who was behind it.
    • Funny thing is it launched last month, but he put on his LinkedIn profile that it has been around for 3+ years.
    • He uses a lot of the same messaging, even uses the term LeadSheet on his pricing and then has the exact same terms and conditions as we do. If you are going to try and copy a company’s business model, I meant at least try and change SOMETHING
  • The good news is the direction we are going in is so much more defensible.
  • Also got the new forum setup and installed. Need to do some cosmetic updates yet, but that will be ready to go this week.


  • Since 95% of customers on the done-for-you plan start off with the $499 level, I am going to remove the two higher tier plans and JUST have the $499 plan. We are also going to increase the number of contacts across the board. So goal is to have the pricing on the new site for this.
  • Two more blog posts live on the LeadFuze blog
  • Have at least one commissioned sales rep up and rolling
  • Make decision on

Zero To Scale Insiders Update

MRR: $1,057


  • Active conversations and the slack group is organizing around specific channels
  • 10 different time zones
    • 2 in denver I’m going to be meeting up with
  • First AUA call under our belt which went well
    • Google Hangouts on Air with chat happening in a slack channel
  • I’ve had 1 call with people that have given props on our model and stoked for what this will become.
  • Forum was setup and installed, but needs cosmetic updates and content
  • Named the group  – Insiders
    • Put it up for vote for charter members


  • Get the Forum launched
  • Populate the forum with initial resources for charter members to review
  • Formulate options for our Monthly Ask Us Anything Calls to incorporate Hot Seats
  • We need to decide on some goals and metrics for ourselves to measure success and push forward

Episode Takeaways

Justin Takeaway:

  • Need to step back and take some deep breathes. It can get incredibly stressful when you are putting in 12 hour days and feel like you are just treading water and not moving the needle.
    • Probably going to re-evaluate my task list for next week when I had a lot of marketing activities planned and start to spread those out more.

Greg Takeaways

  • Having a easy to follow onboarding procedure is critical and based on our conversations I may implement a one time setup fee since a lot of our customers are new to automation and we have about 5 or so campaigns we need to create right out of the gates.
  • Pay attention to how much i’m taking on so that i’m not taking on more than I can chew

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