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Month May 2015

Episode 19: Replacing Yourself

Greg’s Thoughts: Not selling talent This has been a challenge for me as I go through the early stages of systemizing things. I think I’ve made huge progress in this department, but my experience is a big selling point for… Continue Reading →

Episode 18: Getting Scrappy and Knowing When to Take a Break

Greg Update MRR: $4,146 One-Time: $550 Fails: FAILED: design pricing page / find someone to set it up I’m refining that based on mastermind discussions FAILED 20-50 new prospects 15 new I have prospecting time on my calendar for 2… Continue Reading →

Episode 17: How to Price Intelligently (Part 2)

This is part two of a two-part interview where Justin really dives into his pricing issues with Patrick Campbell of PriceIntelligently.com. For part one of this interview and to listen to Greg go through his pricing issues, you can go… Continue Reading →

Episode 16: Ironing Out the Kinks and Building Momentum

Greg’s Update MRR: $4,146 Overall – this week feel like meh. there are some good things coming out of it but discouraging parts as well. Potential big opportunity for the Mobile Friendly podcast, which I’m not going to share yet… Continue Reading →

Episode 15: How to Price Intelligently (Part 1)

This was part one of a two-part interview where Greg really dives into his pricing issues with Patrick Campbell of PriceIntelligently.com. Before we started the podcast, Greg and Justin agreed that whenever we did interviews we wanted to dive really… Continue Reading →

Episode 14: Finding Software that Works for You

Greg Update MRR: $4,146 Overall – this week was a win even though I’m at same revenue. A bit discouraged, but at the end of the day I’m feeling good. I do feel a bit overwhelmed for sure certifications investing… Continue Reading →

Episode 13: Systems for Setting Goals

Greg’s Update Types of Goals:  Important: We need systems that enable us to reach these goals. Ex. My 1 week sales cadence to engage new prospects and blocking time to do the tasks associated with them. Sales Goals: # of… Continue Reading →

Episode 12: Getting into a Sales Flow and Balancing Schedules

Greg Update Fails: I didn’t completely finish the playbook i’m working on but I’m close and that will be done this week Results: MRR – $4,146 WIN – Follow up on these active conversations, 1 seems like it’s going to… Continue Reading →

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