Greg Update


  • I didn’t completely finish the playbook i’m working on but I’m close and that will be done this week


  • MRR – $4,146
  • WIN – Follow up on these active conversations, 1 seems like it’s going to go through.
  • Almost Done – Finish the Playbook for latest client
  • WIN – Preso went real well and have i got asked to speak at another conference and I think I have 3-5 strong prospects that we’re taking conversations to the next level.IP
  • WIN – good coaching call, got my sales cadence planned out
  • IP – Certification / study for IS CP
    • One client had a big campaign this weekend so was helping get those things prepared.
  • WIN — RFP – working with partners on that
  • WIN – Enjoying as much time as I can with Sarah
  • WIN – hanging with Cerrone and Laci in Vegas


  • Finish playbook
  • Start week 1 of new sales cadence
  • 3-5 hours of IS studying
  • Finish webinar I’m giving Monday
  • Mobit studying / assessment
  • second level discovery call
  • Podcast Interview series for MF that starts this week

Biggest takeaway

  1. Ready to re-energize after this conference and get back to routine heads down for the next few weeks
  2. Getting to conferences that are focused with potential prospects really goes to show you how much help a lot of businesses need.

Justin Update


  • Not done with case study, but did get started.
  • Don’t yet know what I’m going to do with regards to CTO needs. Tough with all the calls to get anything else done. As of now I no longer have a CTO as Dominic has stepped down officially. Still working out a deal with him to pay him money for the work he’s put in up to this point so he doesn’t feel like he wasted his time.


  • WIN – Last week I mentioned wanting to get 10 sales calls in a week. I had 15 this week. 2 more customers and still expecting several more from all the calls the past couple of weeks.
  • WIN – $9,582 in MRR now. New focus on sales led to 13 calls lined up this week. I have 6 more lined up for next week as of now.
  • It’s a bummer as we had a cool new lead finding method in the works that is on the shelf right now.
  • WIN – I did map out all of the follow-ups to have after my qualifying call which I think will help.
  • WIN – I put up a new blog post on that discusses how to come up with product ideas. In fact, I have one I still need to map out based on an existing product I’m using currently that I would make way more awesome.
  • WIN – Sent follow-ups to the more qualified leads I had spoken to in the past.
  • WIN – Decided to move forward with HubSpot CRM as it just has more functionality when you pair it with Sidekick


  • I want to have at least 10 more sales calls lined up next week as well.
  • On my blog I used to provide a month in review post every month, but now with this podcast I’ve decided I’m not going to do it monthly any more. So I need to send out a newsletter to my list there letting them know. I do plan on doing an annual review though.
  • Figure out what I’m going to do on the development side of things
  • Need to refine the LeadFuze technical documentation that I wrote originally to account for all of the nuances that we have encountered. This will help a future CTO or developer (depending on what I do there) get a clear picture of the project.
  • Get more of the case study done!


  • Trying to find the balance again between sales and product management.

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