Today we have an amazing guest with an epic beard, Tim Paige of LeadPages. Tim has held 438 webinars in the last two years. In the future, we plan on creating live and evergreen webinars. We asked Tim how to conduct a kickass webinar that converts. Tim says that there are two stats to consider. Webinars have generated the most leads and the most revenue of any other method.

Webinars are great for converting software sales. It’s a natural progression to teach a method and pitch a software product at the end that makes the process easier. When LeadPages has a content webinar, they teach methods that are tested and proven. This creates trust with their customers.

Tim begins with a 90 minute content webinar with a Q and A session. He hops on about 5 minutes early and asks people to type in where they are from while he introduces himself. He then explains what the webinar is about and that he will be using LeadPages in the demo. He answers questions and interacts with listeners during the webinar. He just gives listeners a glimpse of what LeadPages is. He waits until the end to introduce the sale bonuses for the product.

The reason Tim answers the Q and A throughout the webinar is because testing showed he got three times more sales when listeners feel engaged. People often ask about their biggest buying objection in the Q and A. This gives Tim the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions and get over that buying hurdle. The Q and A also proves that a webinar is live.

Tim does 8 webinars a week. He has time for this because he doesn’t run LeadPages, he focuses on webinars, speaking at events, and hosting the podcast. Speaking directly to a potential buyer and overcoming their objections is the best way to close the sale. By having live webinars, Tim can do this at scale. He takes an honest approach to answering questions, but he has to redirect attention back to the content to keep things on track.

Tim fields the questions on his own. To keep track he deletes the ones he has answered in GoToWebinar. He keeps answers simple, because webinar time is present. Keeping it simple, deleting what has already been answered and leaving the ones he doesn’t plan to answer helps Tim stay on topic and complete the content portion of the webinar.

He also tests his webinars to find the one that converts best. When he finds a converting webinar, he continues giving the same one live. He has a regular webinar that he gives on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and then every month he tests a new webinar. He is never on camera, he usually shows his slide deck and has audio. He uses Keynote for his slides.

More often than not, there are replays for the live webinars. They have an email follow up sequence. People who show up for the webinar get offered the bonuses. Once the webinar is over the bonus offers are gone. The replay video is actually one that Tim recorded for replays.

Tim’s best tips are if you don’t know the answer, be honest. Just say you don’t know or offer to follow up later. Also, don’t lie and say a pre-recorded show is live. The listener can tell the difference. An honest real approach, offering the most value as possible is the best way to go.

For service providers, you can tell people what you do, and you would still have business. Extensive testing shows that too many options will make sales go down. One offer is the way to go, or try to funnel the buyers to the best offer while still having another option available. The more you engage with the audience the better. Inject your personality into the webinar.

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