It’s the beginning of the year and goal setting is a big topic. In Episode 73 we talk about The Top 5 Things We’re Doing to Plan for 2016. We have a special guest today who is a master at setting and achieving big goals.

John Lee Dumas is the host of Entrepreneurs On Fire and is also a member of the same mastermind group as Greg. John not only is great example of what can be accomplished with big goals, he has a new product to help us do the same.

John wanted to help others be goal oriented and focus on what they want, so he created the Freedom Journal which is a blueprint for accomplishing your most important goal in 100 days. People often don’t accomplish their goals because they are distracted by too many shiny things. If you have too many goals, none of them will get accomplished.

The first thing people need to do is find that one thing that will have a profound positive effect on their life. John says to find, “that one domino that if I push over will start a chain reaction of awesomeness.” Find the sole focus that will be the critical thing that gets the ball rolling on all aspects of life.

Once we have our goal it needs to broken down into actionable steps. The Freedom Journal is a blueprint for finding that goal, breaking it down to actionable steps, and achieving that goal in 100 days. John chose 100 days because that is how long it took him to really get EOFire off the ground, once he made it his sole focus.

We all know that goal setting is hard. Using the SMART goals is a great way to move closer to accomplishing your goal. The Freedom Journal uses SMART goal setting techniques. John also documents his 100 day get back to his army weight challenge using SMART goals on Snapchat.

  • S-Specific
  • M-Measurable
  • A-Attainable
  • R-Relevant
  • T-Time bound

The Freedom Journal is like a bible for goals. It is a leather embossed journal that helps break everything down into actionable steps. It consists of daily tasks, nightly recaps, 10 day sprints that bring you 10% closer to your goal, and quarterly reviews every 25 days.

John chose Kickstarter to introduce The Freedom Journal because he wanted to be able to offer product extras, and he wanted to make a contribution to society. Every time a funding goal is met on the Kickstarter campaign, John writes a check for $25,000 to Pencils of Promise an organization that builds schools in developing countries.

There are also killer bonuses in the  Kickstarter campaign. This campaign is unique because JLD has 20,000 journals ready to be shipped. He also gives back and offers some awesome bonuses.

The Freedom Journal Kickstarter Bonuses:

  • Early bird 1st edition hardcover
  • Facebook community
  • Mobile app
  • Audio book as bundle
  • Free shipping in US
  • Having JLD be your keynote speaker (sold out)
  • Having JLD on your podcast
  • Being on EoFire

We have established that once you break a goal down it becomes attainable. Going backwards, breaking down, and adding checks and balances is the key to accomplishing them. Next week we share our 2016 goals and how we are backtracking to align with the 100 day method that JLD uses in The Freedom Journal.

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