Greg’s Update:


  • 50% complete – Setup our internal onboarding and fulfillment campaigns for our new product options
  • Get one blog post written for our site


  • MME Revenue = Same
    • MME $1988
  • Month to Date Revenue –
      • One Time: $2750
      • EMRR: $6087
      • Total MR: $8087
  • Got about 50% done on our onboarding and fulfillment campaigns
  • Finished setup of our free consultation campaigns
  • Setup our internal onboarding and fulfillment campaigns for our new product options
    • Creating a new checklist for our onboarding procedure that our team can knock out from day 1 of a new client signing on
  • Finalize copy and assets for the website launch
  • Had one new onboarding strategy launch call


  • 4 prospects that we’re having follow up calls with
    • 1 of which is ready to join but not sure it’s a good fit
  • 3 sales calls
  • Finalize site and get that live
    • Remaining site copy tweaks and links
    • Getting site migrated onto our server
    • Testing
    • Blog to launch following week
  • Test our consultation to close campaigns
  • Finalize our internal campaigns for onboarding
  • Strategy call with one our customers
  • Coaching call for a well known internet marketer to help with their Infusionsoft set up

Justin’s Update:


  • WIN – Finish sales playbook and have us using this new process
  • 90% of the way – Get all Done-For-You campaigns caught up.
  • FAIL – Test new version of the software and start mapping out the changes and updates needed. In particular to the UI as I was not able to do this in advance so Dominic has been working on getting the features themselves working.


  • $28.5k MRR – Lost a few clients this week on the DFY side so revenue took a hit. Given the experiences thus far with the delays, I can understand. Doesn’t make it any easier to take though. In addition, software signups were slow with the short week for the holidays.
    • I knew this dip was going to happen when I decided to shut down the doors, but I felt like it was necessary to get things cleaned up so that we can ultimately have more success. One step back to take two steps forward sort of thing.
  • Good news is though we are getting fully caught up. So much so, that we have actually decided to open the doors again for the DFY service which will be taking place next week.
  • We made a major update that allows us to prospect much quicker which is contributing to our confidence in opening the doors again for the service.
  • Had calls seemingly all day Tuesday. Internal teams, sales coach, and then a couple of long conversations with some fellow entrepreneurs I know locally. First one was helping her business through some pricing and growth challenges and another was actually helping me with some thoughts on our technology.
  • I mentioned I finished the sales playbook finally. This was a huge thing to get off my plate as I’ve had it in my plans for a few weeks now. We mapped out our demo process, which includes our initial qualifying questions to learn more about their business. Then also allows us to transition into either sending them a generic demo video (if they are unqualified), or we continue with the personal demo presentation if they are qualified. I included our follow-up templates and got them saved into Hubspot as well.
  • Had a meeting with Matt Smith as he was in town. He is in charge of a website called and has finished up a series of videos for Pipedrive where LeadFuze is going to be mentioned and then we’re doing a special promotion with him as well. He’ll be announcing the deal to 10’s of thousands of subscribers, so could be a great opportunity for us.
  • Got sick the day before Thanksgiving through Friday. Brutal timing as it is my favorite holiday. I had to stay away from family and everything.
  • Mapped out a piece of software I’m going to have an outside developer build for me using an admin theme from Wrapbootstrap. It’s going to connect to Stripe and so everytime a customer signs up, it will then look at hubspot to see who the contact was assigned to. Then it will see what commission % I set up for that rep and tally it up for me. This way there’s no more manual cross checking everytime a deal signs up. This is the basics of it, but it will really provide me the sales insights I need as well as what individual reps will want to track for their own purposes. Going to later have weekly and monthly leaderboards as we start building out more of the sales team also. Should make it a sweet little tool for us.


  • Hoping to get our blog post integration announcement live on their blog.
  • Open doors again for DFY service. We’ll have an announcement email going out to those on the waiting list (we had about 35 or so people sign up in the last couple of weeks since we’ve shut the doors).
  • Complete mockups for version 2.0.

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