• Make time to plan
      1. Greg – I schedule time in december (usually two days) to start mapping out a lot of the things that go on the NeuYear Calendar and my goals
      2. Justin – I will be setting aside half days closer to Christmas to meet with individual stakeholders to discuss 2016 plans and start to create some strategies and action items.
  • Setting Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly and Daily goals around only a few metrics
      1. Revenue/Profit
      2. # of customers
      3. # of Leads (Noah Kagan of AppSumo for example just focuses on email subscribers).
      4. Traffic levels
  • Organize around key pillars:
      1. I use the Neu Year Calendar to Map out as much of the key pillars of my year as possible:
        1. Trips, vacations
        2. http://www.neuyear.net/collections/time-domination-products/products/sunday-first-large-wall-calendar
      2. Justin – I don’t do this, but it is funny as I talked with the wife about us doing more to plan things in advance. We almost ALWAYS wait until the last minute to book a trip somewhere. Not only does this cost more money, but it is also so much more stressful. I want to actually have our trips booked well in advance and have it on the calendar so it is something to look forward to, versus get stressed out about.
  • Optimizing Your Routine
      1. I update my affirmations which I read every morning as a part of my morning routine
      2. Categories I focus on are Health, Wealth and Family
      3. This has to do a lot with visualizing what I want to achieve as well as the work it takes to get there.
      4. Justin – I want to get a system in place for my health and family as well. Everything professionally is mapped out and planned, but nothing is in terms of my health, working out, etc. I had a shoulder injury back in May that pretty much put an end to my daily workouts. I’m hoping to get something going again for this though going into next year.  I used a 7 minute daily workout app that made it super easy to work out consistently. I want to block times off in my calendar to dedicate to this as well as family time. Though throughout the year I gradually got better about shutting down around 5pm and spending the evening with the family.
  • Setting up content themes to make content production easier.
    1. Content themes based on month with a focus on sending a weekly email to both System.ly list and personal list
    2. Justin – I want to do a better job of contributing to my blog at justinmcgill.net as well as finish my book Self Made Marketer which I got to about 90% complete this time a year ago and never put the finishing touches on it. I had big plans to go the educational route to help others grow their agencies, have a membership community, share lots of tips and resources I had accumulated when I built up my agency, etc. In fact, my original plan was to license the platform that eventually led to LeadFuze to agencies… It wasn’t even going to be a stand alone SaaS product like it is now. When I decided to launch LeadFuze and it started taking off though, I decided to shift my focus there entirely.

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