Our topic today is about establishing yourself as an authority.  By our definition to have authority is to be viewed as an expert.  We have some ideas we want to pass along on how we believe you can build authority in your niche.  It begins with having an opinion about something specific in your niche and also having a framework built around that.

These are some of the authority building methods we discuss in greater detail:

  • Start blogging and get a backload of content
  • Reach out to get guest bloggers that will drive users to your site
  • Host webinars, do podcasts and speaking engagements
  • Position yourself around authority figures through the company you keep
  • Provide social proof, get testimonials and people talking about you

We discuss the importance of finding influences, the people you can follow and reach out to.  Tools for doing so include using Twitter mobile notifications to see when an influencer tweets or using Twitter lists or Google alerts to find key people and phrases.  Buzz Sumo will allow you to input a topic and find the most shared content and then you can sort through the people on the list.  Ninja Outreach is another good source to gather the content of influencers.

When it comes down to it, we think the key in establishing yourself as an authority lies in consistency in following through over time with the key points we’ve outlined. It also really helps to be genuine and be the type of person that likes to give back to others.

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