Today we are talking with Josh Long from 90 Day Double, a website that will help you unlock rapid growth and double your business in just 90 days. Josh has been helping business owners unlock sustainable growth since 2008, when he worked with Chet Holmes to launch his consulting agency. Josh is the marketing director of Business Breakthroughs International. He has worked with Chet Holmes, Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall, and Keith Prince.

Josh found Chet Holmes through an info marketing summit. He read his book multiple times. When Josh’s mortgage brokerage went under he reached out to Chet Holmes. Josh pulled Chet’s own techniques on him and ended up becoming the Marketing Director of Business Breakthroughs International. Chet’s book was full of consistent executable techniques that Josh still uses in the business today. Josh has now advanced to a successful coaching career.

Topics discussed include:

  • Growth bottlenecks for founders – What is the next thing holding this company back for growth
  • Focusing on the next bottleneck is a model for fast and sustainable growth
  • Unlocking bottlenecks creates quick growth
  • Companies go through plateaus – each plateau has a unique set of bottlenecks
  • Common bottleneck is management inability, not leading, delegating and confronting effectively, managing skillset is so necessary
  • Transition doesn’t happen because owner doesn’t know how to groom up for the COO role
  • Flat revenue and frustration are bottleneck warning signs
  • Find a lever that will clear up issues – an application or automated system can improve quality and onboarding of leads
  • How to avoid common bottlenecks in advance, documentation, delegation and giving responsibility and authority balance
  • Find ways to empower employees to take on more responsibility
  • Give people multiple hats and roles when needed
  • Breakdown happens when clear roles aren’t designated
  • Solution to mitigate change orders, up front fee for consulting charged from the beginning, move up market and get people with bigger budgets so you can confront issues, it’s not your job to fix issues outside of your scope and beyond what you are being paid for
  • Another component becomes a secondary business, the team’s knowledge will help port over into the training, get clear on the hats
  • A leadgen list can be the initial list for a training program
  • Try to avoid black holes of opportunity cost
  • At 90 Day Double – Josh is rarely hired for strategy, he is hired for outcome
  • Mains parts of business that Josh digs into
    • Marketing
    • Systems
    • Management – Mindset – Leader’s Abilities
    • Funnel Metrics – Leads – Conversion Rates – Follow-up
    • Application process
    • Stages of funnel – anomalies is where there is opportunity
    • Bottlenecks – levers that unlock growth
  • Don’t change things that don’t need to be changed, don’t over think or over strategize
  • Entrepreneurial people rail against management because they think it is bureaucratic
  • The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who give themselves space and time to review and look at the patterns
  • The faster you free yourself from doing a million things a day the faster your business will grow
  • Double you time off, double your disconnected days

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