Today we are going to be talking about what we did NOT do when starting our businesses. This topic came up because Greg has a friend who is starting a service based business. While discussing the business, they realized that a lot of things that she was doing were not necessary at this stage of the game.

This inspired Greg to do a Snapchat rant about this topic. Viewers ended up sending messages to him and saying that the rant helped them to decide what to do now with their businesses. This led into the perfect topic of talking about what Greg and Justin did NOT do when starting their businesses.

What We Did NOT Do When Starting Our Businesses

  • Create a business plan – These may be necessary for raising money, but the truth is you really don’t know what your business will be doing in five years.
  • Cold calling – but you do need to do something to reach out to your customers like leveraging relationships
  • Saying yes to everything and everyone – everytime you say yes, you are saying no to something else, be disciplined
  • Having everything mapped out – just get started, where are your customers and how do you contact them
  • Build a full website – Put up at least a landing page with contact info
  • Legally file paperwork and establish a business identity – get traction, get customers, figure out if this venture is something you want to be doing, don’t waste time too early

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