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Zero to Scale launch


On the surface, launching a podcast sounds easy enough. Record yourself talking into a microphone, save it, maybe cut out some things, and then upload it to Libsyn.

By the sounds of many podcasts, this is how they’ve done it.

However, we wanted to make sure things were fairly structured and since there were two of us, who had not met previously, I think a lot of our pre-launch discussions were about making sure we were on the same page.

We decided to go ahead and record our Skype calls during our initial planning phases. where we discussed podcast format, length, episode ideas, posting dates, recording schedules, this website, pre-launch plans, potential interviews, and a lot more.

We weren’t sure if we would post anything that we recorded simply because these were just discussions and not necessarily reflective of how our podcast will be. We also had no idea if there would even be any sound bites worth sharing.

In our next post we will go behind the scenes and share with you some of the recordings where we discuss:

  • Podcast format
  • Episode length
  • Episode ideas
  • Recording schedules
  • Posting dates
  • This very website
  • Pre-launch plans
  • and a lot more!

What do you think?

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