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Month May 2016

Episode 119: Creating an Employee Handbook and 1st Customer On Our New Plan

Greg’s Update: Results: System.ly Month to Date Revenue – MRR: $24,443 Results: We brought on 1 new customer on our new Automation Advisor plan which I’m pumped about as we start testing that We held a 90 minute brainstorm tuesday… Continue Reading →

Episode 118: Deconstructing a High Priced Productized Service with Tucker Max

Today we are speaking with New York Times bestselling author Tucker Max. Tucker was a blogger who became a best selling author. His most famous book was “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”, which even became a movie. The… Continue Reading →

Episode 117: Planning the Next Product Offering and Launching Key Integrations

Greg’s Update: Results: System.ly Month to Date Revenue – MRR: $22,944 Success – I had a blast in Japan and from a business standpoint things went well. I wasn’t too stressed much at all and the system I’ve created with… Continue Reading →

Episode 116: Rethinking What You Know About Growth Hacking with Samuel Woods

Today we have a special guest, Samuel J. Woods from the website of the same name. He is a growth marketing consultant, that helps businesses develop a growth marketing engine that will increase leads and sales by 10X. Instead of… Continue Reading →

Episode 115: Considering Insurance Options and Conducting More Interviews

Justin’s Update: Fails: Handbook for new hire – started, but nowhere near complete Results: LeadFuze software revenue is $24k MRR. 32 of 545 candidates made it past the resume stage. This means more than 92 percent of people were passed… Continue Reading →

Episode 114: Behind the Scenes of Scaling a 7-Figure Productized Service

Today our guest is Russ Perry of Design Pickle, an on demand graphic design company. They pair clients with graphic designers who create unlimited graphics charging a flat monthly fee of $370 a month. Russ has a background in running… Continue Reading →

Episode 113: Sorting Through Applicants and Leaving For Japan

Greg’s Update: Fails: 2 blog posts written so I have one for when I return from Japan and am not stressed about that. I want to have at least 2-90 minute blocks on our master followup sequence and get something… Continue Reading →

Episode 112: Optimizing UI/UX with Jane Portman

Today we have Jane Portman from UI Breakfast, her expertise is about UI, and we have a ton of questions for her. Jane has been in the industry for a long time, she started as an illustrator and then switched… Continue Reading →

Episode 111: A Complete Hiring Process and Getting the Right Type of Clients

Greg’s Update: Fails: None as of yet Results: System.ly Month to Date Revenue – MRR: $20,342 1 kickoff call 1 sales call We have one prospect that verbally agreed and should be signing up today which will at another $2500… Continue Reading →

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