Justin’s Update:


  • Handbook for new hire – started, but nowhere near complete


  • LeadFuze software revenue is $24k MRR.
  • 32 of 545 candidates made it past the resume stage. This means more than 92 percent of people were passed on. If people were primarily in b2c environments, founders, tech support with no account management, etc I didn’t move those over to next stage. My wife actually helped me sort through them which helped.
  • Of the 32 that made it to the Survey results portion, 9 made it to the phone screening stage. Of those 9, 3 will make it to the full hour long interview process which should take place this next week. That said, I do feel like I know who I am going to hire for this position.
  • Starting to get official now. We applied for Worker’s comp insurance through Gusto. Honestly, should have probably already had this, but just not really a concern with who we had on staff at the moment. With the new hire though, we need to get our ducks in a row.
  • Went to FounderShield.com to start looking for business insurance like general liability, errors and omissions, cyber liability, key person life insurance, directors & officers insurance, employment practices liability, etc. Waiting to get quotes back on everything.
  • Planning to offer 401k and Health Insurance as well. That said, the options inside of Zenefits for health insurance are all over the place and not sure which I should be offering. Their 401k partnership sounds like was dissolved and being renegotiated currently as well, so I need to figure out what we can do there. Gusto’s benefits are currently only available in California. I prefer to go this online route as it is just so much easier to manage.
  • Had one on one reviews with the team based on a self assessment survey I had them complete a couple months ago. I wanted to get on the same page with everyone as far as where their performance is and then set the table for bi-weekly one-to-one’s that we’ll be having starting next month.
  • This is kind of out of the blue, but hired a content writer on a part-time basis. She’s been doing some work for us and I’ve worked with her in the past at my agency. I’ve spent time really teaching her our content guidelines as far as length, quality, etc and she’s done an amazing job. She was really wanting to join us for awhile now, and decided to get started on a part-time basis until we can scale things up revenue wise to bring her on full-time.
  • I created a training agenda which we briefly used for the new content marketing person and a more involved one going forward with our customer success manager. Here’s a general outline for our training agenda:
    • Tool and email invites
    • Introductions to team members
    • Protocols for how to handle certain things
    • Workflows which vary based on the position
  • SharpSpring demo – we are trying to find a platform that will allow us to identify where customers are coming from (for content marketing efforts, paid ad campaigns, etc). In addition, we want to have everything all in one place. Right now we’re using a combination of Drip and Intercom, but the nice thing about SharpSpring is it ties in the revenue by source as well as has a built-in CRM component. So we would house all of the data in one place. Ultimately, we are going to let the new Customer Success Manager have a say in the system that we implement. It’s expensive though. As in $1800 setup, and then $800/mo expensive.
  • Started to work on the employee handbook. I must admit, I was then researching at what point do I REALLY need such a thing? It’s a big task, but I know it will bring some clarity for new team members and its something we should have. I got started by looking at the open source version that Clef had (link below) and then stripped that down to what is pertinent to us. Still going to be a pretty monster document when its all said and done.
  • Had a brainstorm with booze session with Michael and our new copywriter on Thursday evening. We mapped out content ideas to get them through the next several weeks. Booze helps put your guard down and often allows you think more outside the box, so this is mandatory for our brainstorm sessions.


  • Final interviews for the Customer Success Manager role and make a final decision.
  • Finalize what the work specs will be for this role as I haven’t yet organized all the things I’m doing currently and what more I’m looking for in the position.
  • Work more on the handbook to start getting that dialed in.
  • Figure out health insurance and 401k


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