Greg’s Update:


  • Month to Date Revenue –
    • MRR: $24,443


  • We brought on 1 new customer on our new Automation Advisor plan which I’m pumped about as we start testing that
  • We held a 90 minute brainstorm tuesday morning where we talked through a lot of our challenges and ideas around our bootcamp plus our new plan which was helpful. We determined that we need to get a few clients in on the plan to really see what it’s like and validate how it would work and if you think about it, that’s exactly how the business was founded so it feels right. And like I said we have our first customer starting next week and we have a few prospects in line for this as well.
  • I published a blog post called The Do Not Disturb Formula which is a little strategy we’re leveraging a lot for ourselves and clients
  • One of our clients is about to close cart on their launch this weekend so we’ve been dealing a lot with that effort.
  • 5 Strategy calls with clients
  • 2 sales calls
  • 2 partner meetings
  • Got interviewed for 2 podcasts one of which was for solopreneur hour with my friend Michael O’Neil who is in town for the week
  • I had a nice catchup / feedback call with Amy Porterfield which is always a delight
  • With one of my original VA’s leaving us at the end of this month I’ve been looking to hire another that had more Infusionsoft skills and we made that hire and we have our 2nd male on the team. Mark joins us and is going to be primarily supporting Morgan and her clients. I went through 2 biz focused training sessions with him and Morgan has been working with him one-on-one now.
  • I booked travel on father’s day weekend with my dad to visit my grandfather in Santa Ana and then from there I’m taking a train down to to San Diego for a two day training session with one of our clients and hope to see some friend while there.
  • Social Media Shenanigans was this past weekend as I mentioned  and Pat Flynn was in town and I just got to spend a lot of good time with him pretty much all day saturday and night at the event and then we did breakfast sunday.
    • We even live streamed our ping pong match.
  • I’m signed up for proposable to create templates of our agreements and what our plans include and we used it on this latest customer and it worked really well and I’m excited to flush that tool out more.
  • We’ve had a couple small meetings to start planning the bootcamp but that is going into full gear next week
  • Starting to plan our teams quarterly meetings and end of year meeting as I’d like to bring the team into Denver for a 1-2 day event where we review the year and identify our rocks for 2017.
  • I’ve been re-organizing my calendar this week as I’ve been rethinking how I want my weeks to be planned and I’m not there yet but what I’m doing is really attacking this with one quote in mind:
    • Don’t prioritize your schedule. Schedule your priorities.
      • For me, I’ve decided that I want to get back into taking my health seriously and I know some things need to change so I signed up to My Body Tutor which was recommended to me by Noah Kagan and today is actually my first day “getting started”. I had my first call with my coach and started to get indoctrinated into their system and the first week is following some simple parameters and tracking what i’m eating and my workouts to create a baseline. So I’m excited to have someone focused on holding me accountable for this and really getting into this program.


  • I got a birthday party to attend tomorrow for sarahs best friend and then we have another for my nephew tomorrow. I’m going to try and squeeze in an early motorcycle ride as well.
  • Sunday going for a long road bike ride with sarah and monday we have a family bbq and i’ll work half day.
  • I have a kickoff call with two of our new clients
  • A sales call for another person interested in our new plan
  • Doing a 2 hour session with Annie my assistant on planning out our calendar for tasks that need to be done to launch this bootcamp which we are targeting the last week of June. We’ll be executing on this planning by doing weekly sprints on specific tasks
  • Get another blog post live
  • We’re updating our onboarding slightly and the team is driving that so I’d like to have the 4 templated task lists we identified completed.
  • But like I said my main goal is the bootcamp. So my focus is having all of the things we need to do mapped out with deadlines and the main ones are
    • Write copy describing the event, an order form to process payments and start inviting people I think might be interested, organically promoting it and getting all those things in order.

Justin’s Update:


  • Finalize training agenda
  • Need to figure out what we’re going to do for health insurance and 401k. Most likely, this won’t be something available until after 90 days so I have some time still. I want to investigate this a little more though so I’ll probably line up a call with Zenefits.


  • LeadFuze software revenue is $23.9k MRR.
  • Job offer was sent to the Customer Success Manager.
    • I offered 3 different salaries with different levels of equity.
    • There’s a really handy equity calculator that I used to determine what to offer by a company called Comparably (
    • The lower the salary, the higher the equity essentially.
    • I sent the job offer through HelloSign like I always do. It’s free and easy to do it through their platform.
    • We actually negotiated for a bit and she ended up getting the top of the pay scale and near the top of the equity stake I was willing to give.
  • So we’ve been dealing with some churn due to users not wanting to spend any time prospecting for new leads. This has been on our radar for awhile, but Dominic and I finally sat down on a Google Hangout and hashed through how we’re going to make this happen and I’m super stoked for the solution we came up with.
    • This would truly be a game changer and will be something we’re going to be working on. This and another major feature release will probably shift us into version 3. We’re looking at this being several months of development, but I honestly feel it will put us above any competitor.
  • I consulted on Buzznami this week quite a bit in order to get the SOP’s just like I want them. I created videos of me going through each of the tasks so it will be easy to train new people on the processes as well.
  • The LeadFuze content machine continues. We’re consistently putting a few pieces of content out per week now.
  • In addition to Buzznami doing our content promotion, I have one of our two virtual assistants helping as well (using the SOP videos I created) for the blog posts that Buzznami won’t be promoting (since we’re doing a lot more than the plans allow).
  • The big news of the week is the employee handbook was finally completed.
    • Starts off with a welcome section that introduces our mission statement and core values (which were finalized during this process).
    • The next major section is for employment policies which outlines working remotely, drug and alcohol policy, code of conduct (internally and externally), employee privacy, and our complaint policy.
    • Lastly, the Benefits and Perks section where it outlines health, dental, and vision insurance options (which are coming soon), unlimited paid time off, paid holidays, new parent leave, a book stipend and Amazon kindle, and then travel coverage for speaking engagements
    • I’ve outlined several more perks that are pretty sweet, but those won’t be added just yet.
  • Had a great routine Thursday morning that I want to try and stick to going forward.
    • 6:00am to 6:30am – Read for 30 minutes
    • 6:30am – 6:40am – Light Workout (crunches and pushups)
    • 6:40am – 7:00am – Daughter wakes up, get bottle ready and interact
    • 7:00am – 7:30am – Go through Slack and Emails and handle anything urgent
    • 7:30am – 7:45am – Eat breakfast (eggs / fruit)
    • 7:45am – 8:15am – Walk 1.5 to 2 miles
    • 8:15am – 8:30am – Shower
    • 8:30am – 10:00am – Work
    • 10:00am – 10:15am – Protein Shake
    • 10:15am – 12pm – Work
    • 12:00 – 12:30pm – Lunch (sandwich or salad)
    • It’s a lot more specific than I’m used to, but I felt good when I pulled this off yesterday and would like to keep it going.


  • Finalize training agenda
  • Onboard Brittany, our new CSM
  • Content published
  • Need to figure out what we’re going to do for health insurance and 401k. Most likely, this won’t be something available until after 90 days so I have some time still. I want to investigate this a little more though so I’ll probably line up a call with Zenefits.
  • Organize our next weekly sprint

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