Episode Overview:

Greg and I discuss the details of our two startups (LeadFuze and Mobile Marketing Engine). These are the two startups we will be documenting as we progress.

I go into detail about how I launched the business, my initial 30 day “success metrics”, my day 60 goal, and where I’m at now that LeadFuze¬†hit the 90 day mark. I benefited from having income from an agency I bootstrapped into a seven figure business. I turned the reigns over to my team, while I focused on other endeavors.

Greg got a lot of experience in managing and setting up success mobile campaigns when he was head of Mobile at Cabelas. On the side, he was helping some small retailers that came to him for help with their mobile marketing. He didn’t want to start a complete service driven business though. Instead, he started Mobile Marketing Engine where it became a done-for-you productized service.

Current LeadFuze Revenue: $8,101/mo
Current Mobile Marketing Engine Revenue: $2,696/mo

The big challenge for both startups is trying to identify the ideal customer profile.

Resources Mentioned:

Upswing Interactive – Justin’s digital marketing agency.

Mobile Marketing Business Academy РWhere Greg teaches mobile marketers how to grow a mobile marketing service company.

Convert From Anywhere – A course for podcasters and speakers to teach them how to grow their list from mobile.

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