Greg’s Update:


  • Setup our internal onboarding and fulfillment campaigns for our new product options
  • Get one blog post written for our site
  • My workouts suffered this week
  • Finalize site web copy


  • MME Revenue = Same
    • MME $1988
  • Month to Date Revenue –
      • One Time: $2750
      • EMRR: $6087
      • Total MR: $8087
  • Was in PHX for PartnerCon, Infusionsoft’s certified partner event and got to see a sneak peak into the future of the product and it was super interesting
  • Got to see Michael Gerber speak which was amazing and will definitely be reading E-myth
    • It was funny how he talked about the 4 hour work week
  • Kerwin Rae spoke on mindset which was also amazing
  • I got to network with a lot of awesome people doing great things with their customers and got a good feeling about our pricing model and how we plan on approaching things
  • Got a great connection from Australia that shared how they grew their team which was really helpful
  • It was really about being apart of the ICP community and making a name for myself
  • Had our first onboarding call with our new customer
  • Audit walkthrough
  • Strategy call with current customer for upcoming affiliate promotion they have
  • 2 sales calls


  • Setup our internal onboarding and fulfillment campaigns for our new product options
    • Creating a new checklist for our onboarding procedure that our team can knock out from day 1 of a new client signing on
  • Finalize copy and assets for the website launch
  • Get one blog post written for our site
  • Get workouts in even if it’s a short run while my parents are here
  • Family is in town for thanksgiving so we’ll be focused on being efficient Monday and Tuesday
  • I have one new onboarding strategy launch call

Justin’s Update:


  • FAIL – Get 75% done with the sales playbook that I have had to put off for the last couple of weeks. Got 25% done.
  • WIN Continue getting campaigns up-to-date. My hope is to have every single campaign rolling this upcoming week. It would be quite an accomplishment considering some campaigns were a month or so behind and we had seemingly been this way for two months. It should have served as a warning sign to begin with, but I had a lot of confidence in the person that didn’t work out unfortunately.
  • WIN – New VA coming onboard Monday and so for this, I want to have a training program in place. I have already put together an outline of everything I am going to train them on based on my experience from this past week. In addition, I am going to put together a little quiz that asks them the key questions I need them to know to see what their answer is. This way I can work with them to see what they understand what they don’t.


  • $30.9k MRR – had a couple cancellations on the DFY service which I have deducted, but we had a couple big days on the software side of things to practically even it out.
  • Had my junior developer working on some things to better streamline our operational workflow. This made a huge impact on our productivity. It is nice to have two developers on your team.
  • I purchased Camtasia to start making more polished demos for our help library as well as for training purposes.
  • Awhile back I purchased a knowledge base WordPress theme off of ThemeForest. I used that for the training material. I wrote about 3,000 words, took lots of screenshots, and recorded several videos for the training kit and put them into different modules. There were 7 modules in total covering different aspects of the Prospector’s job. In addition, I installed HD Quiz, a WP plugin, that lets me create a quiz that covered all the modules. This isn’t so much about seeing how someone grades out, but seeing what information they have retained and so I can follow-up with more in-depth training if need be.
  • Had my weekly sales coaching call with Damian Thompson which was awesome. We talked through questions to ask to see if someone is a good cultural fit. This was geared for sales people, but I think this would make a good Thursday’s topic as we can broaden the scope of the questions for just about any new hire. If you haven’t listened to episode 67 with Damian Thompson on setting up a SaaS sales system, check it out. His sales coaching program is also available at
  • Throughout the week I was working on video recordings for each customer so that our prospecting team knew EXACTLY who to be targeting while building the lists for customers. This took about 6 to 8 hours to complete in all.
  • I met up with Tim Conley and Vincent Nguyen for lunch. We get together once a month for a lunch or dinner as part of the local Dynamite Circle crowd from the guys over at Tropical MBA. We talk business and experiences usually and some personal things. Not anything formal, but always a good time to get some different perspectives.


  • Finish sales playbook and have us using this new process.
  • Get all Done-For-You campaigns caught up.
  • Test new version of the software and start mapping out the changes and updates needed. In particular to the UI as I was not able to do this in advance so Dominic has been working on getting the features themselves working.

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