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Month November 2016

Episode 154: Odds and Ends From A Short Holiday Week

Greg’s Update: Fails: Finish my review of my financials   Didn’t write up webinar workshop agenda to add to sales page so I can send email next week with new dates Results: System.ly Revenue – MR: $30,940 Webinar funnel blueprint… Continue Reading →

Episode 153: A Product Focused Getaway and Funnel Planning

Greg’s Update: Fails: I still didn’t finish the Application Funnel campaign as I delegated it to a team member and they just finished the build out of the IS side on late Friday and I finished some new scheduling/application pages… Continue Reading →

Episode 152: A Content Promotion Checklist & Having A Baby

Greg’s Update: Fails: Finish this damn Application page / funnel discovery session page/campaign Event in December was a bust for many reasons Results: System.ly Revenue – MRR: $24,499 That’s gonna change at end of month (we’re saying goodbye to two… Continue Reading →

Episode 151: Churn Frustrations & Re-Evaluating Sh*t for 2017

Greg’s Update: Fails: Application process is still not setup Revamp my Webinar Funnel Blueprint opt-in Results: System.ly Revenue – MRR: $23,000 November One-Time Revenue: $4500 I went to a weekend mastermind Sat-Monday mid day down in CO springs which was… Continue Reading →

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