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Episode 128: Can You Scale a Productized Service?

Today we are discussing an interesting question from our facebook group. This question is from Pardeep. He asks why we moved from done for you to done with you? He thinks it looks like a step back because it seems… Continue Reading →

Episode 127: Preparing for Webinars and Acquiring Assets

Greg’s Update: Fails: Not writing Results: Month to Date Revenue – MRR: $27,541 (1 new client on our Advisor plan) Spent 2 days with a client in SD for an intensive which I’m experimenting with and think I have… Continue Reading →

Episode 126: Scaling an Agency to 50 Employees in Two Years

Today we have a special guest Tony Delmercado, the Co-founder and COO of Hawke Media. It’s crazy that Hawke Media has grown from zero to 50 employees in 2 years. We are excited to talk with Tony because we are… Continue Reading →

Episode 125: Exploring Partnerships and Replacing an Assistant

Greg’s Update: Fails: Not writing Results: Month to Date Revenue – MRR: $25,842 One-Time: $597 First sale of pilot program for $597 Updated pricing plans on our website to reflect no more done for you Between yesterday and today… Continue Reading →

Episode 124: LeadFuze’s Newest Hire Spills the Beans on Her Onboarding Experience

Today we have a special guest. Brittany Fuller is the newest hire at LeadFuze as the new Customer Success Manager. Brittany came across the job posting on the BaseCamp job board for remote work. She wasn’t necessarily looking for something… Continue Reading →

Episode 123: Preparing To Pre-Sell a Course & Finished Training a New Hire

Greg’s Update: Fails: I didn’t get a blog post live again Results: Month to Date Revenue – MRR: $25,842 The biggest news from this week is that we worked a bunch on the plans for the bootcamp including sales… Continue Reading →

Episode 122: Breaking Through Growth Bottlenecks with Joshua Long

Today we are talking with Josh Long from 90 Day Double, a website that will help you unlock rapid growth and double your business in just 90 days. Josh has been helping business owners unlock sustainable growth since 2008, when… Continue Reading →

Episode 121: Creating a Training Agenda for Customer Success and Planning a Bootcamp

Greg’s Update: Fails: I didn’t get a blog post live but mainly because I’ve been working on copy for the bootcamp Results: Month to Date Revenue – MRR: $25,842 Monday we didn’t work too much and Sunday I went… Continue Reading →

Episode 120: Everything You Wanted to Know About Customer Success With Lincoln Murphy

Today we are talking with Lincoln Murphy from Sixteen Ventures, a website focused on SaaS growth strategies. Lincoln is a customer success magician and growth strategist who feels that his early understanding of growth in the SaaS business model gives… Continue Reading →

Episode 119: Creating an Employee Handbook and 1st Customer On Our New Plan

Greg’s Update: Results: Month to Date Revenue – MRR: $24,443 Results: We brought on 1 new customer on our new Automation Advisor plan which I’m pumped about as we start testing that We held a 90 minute brainstorm tuesday… Continue Reading →

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