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Month September 2015

Episode 54: Customer Success and Planning for New Team Members

Greg’s Update: Fails: Did not “Finish” the site mockups and pricing to share with the mastermind group by midweek. I did get revisions and everything but not 100% happy and because of that you’ll hear in my results what I’m… Continue Reading →

Episode 53: Why and How to Create a Welcome Kit

  Providing your new customers with a welcome packet as part of the onboarding process is a good practice for any business. It serves as an expectation-setter and provides a promise to your customers on what they can expect to… Continue Reading →

Episode 52: New Customers & Bugs Solved?

Greg’s Update: Fails: I failed to reach out to Engage 10 people from my prospect list I failed to Map out my 3-4 customer personas and identify and connect my work in progress content map to that. I failed to… Continue Reading →

Episode 51: Creating A Sales Playbook and Getting Zap Happy!

It’s once again that day of the week when we’re taking a look at the things we are currently implementing in our companies to help us improve process and scale our businesses. Justin is scaling his sales team and that… Continue Reading →

Episode 50: A Look Back on Our Progress Since Episode 1

We start off the show with a look back on the first 50 episodes. Greg’s Update: Fails: 1) Start content map for System.ly – Started yes, am I happy with it no (need feedback on a few things) 2) Map… Continue Reading →

Episode 49: Launching an Amazon Business with Scott Voelker

Many people are looking to Amazon to start their own Private Label business by sourcing and selling physical products. Scott Voelker is the man behind the Amazing Seller Podcast Series and today he is going to explain the mechanics to… Continue Reading →

Episode 48: Don’t Get Good at the Small Things

Greg’s Update: Fails: Put together a content map for System.ly Identify key topics I want to cover (ex. system, automation, sales, productivity, hacks, videos) Start planning the website (currently just a lead page) Results:   MME $3488 New Biz: $2500… Continue Reading →

Episode 47: Setting Company Goals and Post Mortems

Justin and Greg are back for their Thursday podcast. Today they talk about the merits of examining the current company goals and evaluating them to improve the business and retain more customers by asking for feedback. For Justin, it’s important to… Continue Reading →

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